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After a year of low back aches and pains, three rounds of physical therapy and daily exercise, I met Carol Burke.  One acupuncture session and the persistent pain disappeared and has stayed away.

Now I see Carol for regular bodywork including zero balancing.  My energy level is better than when I was bothered by the back aches and I feel very well.


~T.S., Annapolis, MD



While driving my car after my first treatment by Carol I realized I was seeing the world in color again.  Since then it's been a healing experience every time I've seen Carol. Just walking into Carol's office and being with her, I will already feel a change.


~D.G., Arnold, MD



You give the most wonderful treatments of any acupuncturist. I am feeling much better.


~C.M., Silver Spring, MD



Best treatment for insomnia ever. On another planet and glad to be there. Sciatica gone.


~J.M., Annapolis, MD



Woke up with less agitation due to jaw work/release. I am able to think more clearly and focus longer - yeah!!


~D.P., Stevensville, MD



Hi Carol, wanted you to know that I've had 3 good nights of sleep and the soreness is gradually subsiding. Your hands healed again.


~T.S., Annapolis, MD



Acupuncture gave me an indefinable spark. What I thrive on and what I need. Great job on knee. Immediately knocked the pain out. Really helped me turn a corner.


~L.N., Annapolis, MD



I feel marvelous.


~L.A., Annapolis, MD



Whatever you did was like magic.


~D.F., Annapolis, MD



That was fabulous. Much better. Skin issues better. Consistently improving with skin stuff.


~K.P., Annapolis, MD



Thank you. You are a miracle worker. I rode today. I had no pain for the first time in a year.


~J.L., Chester, MD



You are the magic acupuncturist. I am the vessel.


~J.P., Chestertown, MD



I feel so much better, thank you. That was very enjoyable. (Note: patient is 14 year old boy with chronic headaches) This is the first smile we have seen in a long time. (~parent of patient) Really good --immediately better mood; headache gone and had tons of energy. (Note: report from patient 1 week after treatment.)


~S.J., Centerville, MD



My first experience with acupuncture was a real surprise!  I was very stressed, as I was in the middle of a primary residence real estate transaction and Carol thought it best to relieve some stress.

That being said, after 90 minutes of my first visit, I felt like I had consumed a few alcoholic drinks and what was even funnier was that I was laughing at everything.  I found everything humorous for the first 24 hours.  My husband said he was jealous I seemed so relaxed! I am a believer in acupuncture.


~V.E., Crownsville, MD



Spending time with Carol leaves me brighter and lighter (30 lbs to be exact!). When I was choosing a practitioner, I was impressed that Carol is that rare person trained in both Eastern and Western medicine, and massage therapy as a bonus.

Carol is a talented healer, a patient and perceptive listener, and a gentle and encouraging spirit. She has been a steady source of support as I embarked upon a gluten free diet –at Carol’s suggestion- that has improved my health and outlook tremendously.


~N.G., Eastport, MD



I decided to try acupuncture with Carol based on the recommendation of a dear friend. I was experiencing severe arm, wrist, and hand pain that was limiting and interfering with my work as a manual physical therapist. I had tried dry needling, massage, medicines, etc and nothing seemed to provide more than mild and very temporary relief.

After 4 or 5 treatments with Carol my pain was gone! It has been several months and my pain is still gone. We continue to meet once every 3-4 weeks to refocus my energy, help digestion and circulation, de-stress, and relieve any pain I may be experiencing.

I went into my first acupuncture treatment unsure what to expect, and I have received more benefits than I could have ever imagined. I am now a huge advocate of acupuncture and cannot say enough about Carol’s work! I send all of my patients to her knowing that their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health will be positively enriched on their pathway to healing.


~K.B., Davidsonville, MD



The treatment was wonderful as most bodywork is to me. However, this was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I felt extremely relaxed.

...It seemed that the colors around me were brighter, the sun was warmer.... All of my senses were heightened. This wonderful feeling lasted for more than several days – with a slow return to reality. For about 2 weeks I felt much more positive in general.

In summary, Zero Balancing was the most profound experience with bodywork that I have ever had. I came home, went down to my husband’s office, handed him Mrs. Burke’s card and told him he needed to call her NOW!





Good job on fingers; they are better, less swollen and able to bend. Doing much better and that is very good!


~O.G., Stevensville, MD



More relaxed. More clarity. Did not have tightness in me. I slept so well that night. At work I could handle anything they put on my plate. Floating feeling; I could deep breathe. I feel safe here -comfortable place.


~J.O., Arnold, MD



Life has been hard for me because I have fibromyalgia syndrome, which includes soreness of the soft tissue, stiffness, achiness, a sleep disorder, chronic fatigue, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) despite giving up dairy products, and GERD despite taking prescription drugs and eliminating many favorite foods and drinks. Oh, and the asthma—more medication.

...and years of unsatisfactory results from mainstream medicine...

...following a few [acupuncture/zero balancing] treatments, my symptoms have become mere background noise. I’m sleeping well most nights for the first time in decades. I suspect the sleep is the result of less soreness in the soft tissue and joints. And magically, after being treated for IBS; my colon has settled down to become what I believe must be normal—regularity and no pain. The physical discomfort and cough associated with GERD has lessened, allowing me to better identify the foods that may be irritating to the esophagus. When the GERD, which is an asthma trigger, is relieved, then my ability to breath deeply restores my sense of well being. I feel more peaceful, balanced, energized, and clear headed these days. I think my sense of humor has returned. I like to laugh, especially at myself. I’ve become an acupuncture advocate through a rewarding experience with my practitioner. Carol Burke not only understands my body, but she also suits my personality. I’m not cured of anything, but I have a new management tool, unlike others I’ve tried, and a new lease on life, which seems easier than in the past.


~K.L., Annapolis, MD



Carol Burke's human and animal acupuncture practice conveniently serves Annapolis, Edgewater, Severna Park, Pasadena, Odenton, Millersville, Arnold, Davidsonville, Gambrills, Crownsville, Harwood, Glen Burnie in Anne Arundel County; Laurel, Beltsville, College Park, Greenbelt, Glen Dale, and Bowie in Prince George's County; Catonsville in Baltimore County; Ellicott City, Columbia, Elkridge in Howard County; Stevensville, Grasonville, in Queen Anne's County. Easton, Saint Michaels, in Talbot County; and Baltimore City. Animal acupuncture includes dog acupuncture and horse acupuncture.

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